Northwoods Web Designs would like to make you aware of PHISHING EMAILS. Please be aware and do not click links in emails automatically. You have to do some investigative work to make sure it is from whom it states it is from. Unfortunately, there are so many scammers out there that pose to be someone when they are not. They are continually coming up with ways to scam you. The purpose of phishing emails is they want you to click the link, it brings you to a site and they will ask questions to obtain your information.  

In this particular example they are making it appear that it is to upgrade (so you think it is something you already have). Do not click the link but hover over the link (in this image the link is the orange button that states, auto increase storage space), you will notice it has nothing to do with Northwoods Web Designs, it may appear something like this:
.i.ie >> 24livenewspaper.com/third/?url=http://infoquota.eurofharma.com.pe/harma/index_hash.php
However, it may not be this clear, it may just be mistyped or misspelled so you have to check very closely.

If you are ever in question about an email that appears to have been sent by us, contact us (or whomever it states it is from, to verify) before clicking any links that the email contains.  

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