“Worst Ever” CPU bug affect virtually all computers appropriately name Meltdown and Spectre

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If you’re reading this on some device (yes even your little iPhone), you are most likely affected by this.

Since your probably in a hurry, will get to the point at hand.

Everything from smartphones and PCs to cloud computing affected by major security flaw found in Intel and other processors – and fix could slow devices

What do you need to do? Continue reading “ “Worst Ever” CPU bug affect virtually all computers appropriately name Meltdown and Spectre” »

WordPress Plugins Found Hiding a Backdoor – Is Your Site Secure?


This is an unfortunate example of why you need a good maintenance plan for your website, such as our Maintenance +Security plans we offer.

Security issues that could degrade your site like this pop up for all types of websites powered by content management systems.  Not to scare anyone into spending money, but need to be aware and be informed of how your website may be at risk, regardless of what web company you happen to work with.

The backdoor code in all three plugins works in a very similar way by calling to a remote server and inserting content and links on the affected sites. Experts believe the backdoor code is used to inject hidden SEO spam (cloaked links) on affected sites that help improve the search engine ranking of other sites.



Beware of Phishing Attacks Pretending to be From Google or Bing

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Phishing attacks is typical done by email or spoofed websites , but being done by the phone is on the rise. Phishing is generally the practice of thieves trying to obtain personal information to help them use it in malicious ways.

Some customers have been reported being called and/or voicemail’s being left requesting to return a call stating they are from Google or Bing (or both).

First goal of any phishing attempt is to scare you into making hasty reactions such as telling you something bads going to happen unless you act fast.  Continue reading “Beware of Phishing Attacks Pretending to be From Google or Bing” »

Beware of iDNS Domain Registrar Scam

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From time to time, some of Northwoods Web Designs (NWD) clients as well as ourselves, receive letters from fraudulent domain registrars.  We get asked about these from our clients, which tells me they have clearly deceived their letters pretty well to try to trick some domain owners into thinking a domain renewal invoice.

So we want to provide this information to protect you, whether you have registered your domain name with Northwoods Web Designs or some other provider.

These companies who send these letters, such as iDNS,  attempt to convince you into transferring or renewing your domain using their service. Which on average is 500% above the market rate for domain name services.  Continue reading “Beware of iDNS Domain Registrar Scam” »

Managed Web Hosting VS. Non-managed Web Hosting

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Every website requires hosting service. Web Hosting service allows organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.  Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server, typically in a data center, as well as providing Internet connectivity.

Since the average business or association does not own a web server and have the bandwidth to account for hundreds of visitors to their website,  they will need to “rent” a portion of someone else’s server for their website hosting. The hosting service fee is commonly based on a per month or annual cycle. Continue reading “Managed Web Hosting VS. Non-managed Web Hosting” »