Website Enhancements

There is many opportunities to enhance an existing site, from the large ground breaking change of a full redesign to subtle but effective site changes and additions.

There are many options available to enhance ones existing website. We have listed below many of the enhancements that Northwoods Web Designs currently provides bring more value to your website.

There are many enhancements that can be done with a website, with each having a cost and benefit associated to them. We can review an existing site and recommend select enhancements that would provide value to the website. But also suggest reviewing the enhancements listed below to see what interests you.

Some of the top enhancements we can add to most any site are listed below.

Integrate Audio or Video
Northwoods Web Designs Integrate Audio or Video Integrating video or audio is a great way to provide additional details and engagement that a webpage cannot showcase alone. We can embed a YouTube® Video Link or other video source to enhance the page. A welcome video can be integrated nicely on the home page or other pages. (video/audio provided by client with permissions to use provided)

Photo Gallery
Northwoods Web Designs Photo GalleryIntegrate a photo gallery where you can upload and showcase new photos of your business services.
People like visual images; this is one way to keep visitors coming back as well as feeling more connected to your business and services offered.  As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.   

Integrate Maps / Directions
Northwoods Web Designs Maps and DirectionsAdd an interactive map to your site to allow provide instant visual directions to your business location.
This not only provides instant directions to your business but reduces unnecessary calls asking where your located saving you time and money.

Blog/News Integration
Northwoods Web Designs Search Engine Optimization ServicesA business blog has many benefits. It allows you to share and update important information routinely to your current and future customers. There many reasons why you should have a blog for your business, here's a couple. 1) It will help drive traffic to your website which leads to #2. 2) It will convert that traffic into leads. 3) Search engines love blogs, well not necessary blogs, but new fresh content (text) on your website that is relevant to your services offered.

Google Analytics Set Up
Northwoods Web Designs Search Engine Optimization ServicesWe can install and setup Google Analytics, the best tracker in the business, and place the tracking code within your website.
Monthly or quarterly reports will be setup and include key information like: number of website visitors, returning visitors, demographics and other key information to see how your site is working for you.

Complete Redesign Of Existing Site
Northwoods Web Designs Offers Complete Redesign of Existing SiteThis would be considered a major enhancement, and may incorporate many of the other enhancements. And depending on the condition and age of the existing site; can also provide the best ROI. It is generally a good idea to refresh /redesign a website every 4 to 5 years, which assures latest trends, styles and functionality are being used.

Calendar Of Events
Northwoods Web Designs Can Add Calendar Of EventsDo you have group meetings, or special occasions that you would like to keep the public up to date on? Or special deals on certain days of the week? Using a calendar of events on your website is a great enhancement.

Social Media Integration
Northwoods Web Designs Can Add Calendar Of EventsWe can create a professional business Facebook page to match your site/theme and integrate into website with like or sharing buttons to attract additional traffic to your site and increase exposure of services offered. Learn more about Social Media Integration here.

New Logo Design
Northwoods Web Designs Can Design Your LogoNeed a logo for your site? We can graphically design a new logo based on image or feedback provided, or can even customize a current one to account for any changes necessary.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
Northwoods Web Designs Can Design Your Logo Most websites today are now viewed on small displays (mobile phones) as much as they are on larger displays such as laptops and desktops. And most websites were not originally designed to display the site well on a small screen. We will review and update the code on your site so your website is optimized for all display sizes effectively.