Website Launch – Yolanda DeLoach

Congratulations to Yolanda on the launch of her new website to promote and sell her book “SQUATTER”. Another successful website launch for Northwoods Web Designs’ online portfolio. 

Yolanda first did a “Do It Yourself” website, however, these types of sites not only consume your time, but you are very limited on getting the look and feel you desire; unless you know some website coding. She contacted Northwoods Web Designs and we were happy to help create a site that was more of what she desired for her website, how it looks, and easy to navigate. 

To learn more about the Author, Yolanda and her book, “SQUATTER” click the link below.

Northwoods Web Designs provided all the services needed by Yolanda including: Web Design, Web Hosting, Website Maintenance & Security, Domain Name Services and SSL Certificate. 

Being able to provide all the different web services under one roof makes it a little less overwhelming for our customers and we believe gives Northwoods Web Designs a competitive edge over other web design firms.

If you are in need of website design and services, please do not hesitate to contact Northwoods Web Designs and let us assist you through the process. We are happy to help! Get A Free Website Quote!

Services provided by Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Services, Website Maintenance & Security