Website Hosting

Northwoods Web Designs takes pride in providing hosting services to our customers

We not only design new beautiful responsive websites, but provide web hosting services to assure it's viewable and accessible worldwide 24/7.

But unless you're a technical guro or website wizard (so we have been called), our highly popular Website Care Plans may better suit you and your business.

What is the difference between Web Hosting and the Website Care Plans?
WEB HOSTING provides the hosting server resources, and related support assuring your website is accessible for your audience.
WEBSITE CARE PLANS not only includes the web hosting, but removes the stress of making sure your actual website is protected from hackers or malware, maintained, backed up, secure and stays optimized, including completing minor website edits for you to assure your marketing budget stays in check. Learn more about our highly popular Website Care Plans offered.


White-Glove Hosting Plans & Pricing

If you or your team will be maintaining your website, but don't want to deal with the technical hosting, DNS, and support, leave the hosting management to us. We provide white-glove hosting services & support for limited, prominent approved clients only.

For business or organizations

per month if billed annually
$18.99 month to month
*includes SSL Certificate

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For hosting multiple sites or high traffic

per month if billed annually
$31.99 month to month
*includes SSL Certificate

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Do you have a modern website?
If so, our Website Care Plans may better suite your needs! Click here for more info.

"Why you should host with us"
Below are just some of the reasons why hosting with NWD is the right choice.

Superior Hosting Infrastructure

We're not a big-box-corporate hosting company that puts your website on the same server as 1000's of other sites which invite vulnerabilities, poor performance of site or worst case, loss of website. Only Northwoods Web Designs customers get hosted on our servers.

For the best performance, reliability and security we only use enterprise hardware with Xeon Processors, ECC Memory and SSD-Accelerated RAID-10 storage arrays.

  • Enterprise-class hardware
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Extensive data center security features