Simplify Payment Processing with GoCardless: A Win-Win Solution for Northwoods Web Designs and Customers

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In today’s digital era, businesses need fast, efficient, and cost-effective payment solutions to thrive. Northwoods Web Designs has successfully integrated GoCardless into its operations, enhancing the payment experience for both the company and its valued customers.

We have been using this for several years now but wanted to share our experience now that we have built up history and know its a solid solution. This blog post highlights the benefits of using GoCardless as an alternative payment option to credit cards, showcasing how it has enabled Northwoods Web Designs to save over 90% in payment processing fees while delivering an enhanced experience to customers.

What The Heck Is GoCardless?
GoCardless has emerged as a trusted and reliable payment solution for businesses across various industries, helping to simplify payment processing. Offering direct debit payments, this secure platform eliminates the complexities and erroneous fees associated with credit card transactions.

As a Small Business or Customer, Why Should You Care about GoCardless?

Convenience and Reliability:
Northwoods Web Designs has been utilizing GoCardless for several years, streamlining payment procedures to enhance customer satisfaction while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Experience the convenience of GoCardless by signing up with their platform through our referral link here: Signup for GoCardless!

(we will receive a small gesture for signing up through our link, but we would not be promoting it if it is not something we were 100% satisfied or invested in.)

Significant Cost Savings:
One of the most significant advantages of using GoCardless for Northwoods Web Designs is the immense cost savings it provides. By sidestepping traditional credit card payment methods, the company has reduced payment processing fees by over 90% when our customers choose this solution. This substantial saving not only improves profitability for Northwoods Web Designs but also allows them to offer competitive prices to their customers. By joining GoCardless through our referral link, you can start saving on payment processing fees from day one.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
GoCardless offers a seamless and user-friendly payment experience for customers. With direct debit payments, customers can enjoy the convenience of automated recurring billing, eliminating the need for manual payment actions each time they make a purchase. This streamlined process enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sign up with GoCardless through our referral link, and experience the benefits of easy-to-use payment solutions firsthand.

Secure and Reliable Transactions:
Security is a top priority for Northwoods Web Designs and our customers, and GoCardless provides a robust and secure platform for financial transactions. With industry-leading encryption and compliance measures, GoCardless ensures that customer payment details are safeguarded at all times. Through our referral link, you will be able to create a secure GoCardless account and confidently and securely process payments.

If you’re looking for a new way to process payments, I highly recommend checking out GoCardless. It’s a great option for businesses of all sizes and can help you to save money, improve your cash flow, and make it easier for your customers to pay.

Have you used GoCardless for your business? If so, would love to hear your experience.

Don’t Be Scammed – Ignore The Internet NetWORX Spam Letter

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If you own a domain name or someone has it registered on your behalf you will probably come across these devious letters in the mail.

They come from fraudulent domain registrars others who prey on people who don’t fully understand the domain registration service or directory listings in full.  So send letters in the mail about something expiring like your domain name or similar and request payment before “renewal” of something is up.

And because they know businesses and nonprofits are busy, many simply send these in the mail to their accounting folks (I know actual clients who did) to get paid.

We get asked about these from our clients, which tells me they have clearly deceived their letters pretty well to try to trick some domain owners into thinking a domain renewal invoice.

So I first wrote about this other iDNS mail letter a couple of years ago, but my clients and myself are still receiving these. Which is a problem. Why? Because it means many of you are still falling for the scam and paying these fraudulent scammers 300-500% higher cost to own the registration to your domain.

Why is this considered Spam? Because its unsolicited (you didn’t ask for it) and is a fraudulently deceiving letter, making you think the worlds going to end if you don’t transfer your domain name to them. In which after they own your domain name registration, they can jack your price higher/hold your domain hostage to force you to pay.

So we want to provide this information to protect you, whether you have registered your domain name with Northwoods Web Designs or some other provider. Here is the word for word mailing that you may receive. Hoping you are finding this from searching, ultimately protecting yourself from this spam company.

You can even fight against this by filing a BBB complaint. Here is the link to file a complaint against Internet Networx and read other complaints filed against this company.

These companies who send these letters, such as NETWORX,  attempt to convince you into transferring or renewing your domain using their service. Which on average is 500% above the market rate for domain name services. 

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Email, Security, Spam Hall Of Shame

Northwoods Web Designs would like to make you aware of PHISHING EMAILS. Please be aware and do not click links in emails automatically. You have to do some investigative work to make sure it is from whom it states it is from. Unfortunately, there are so many scammers out there that pose to be someone when they are not. They are continually coming up with ways to scam you. The purpose of phishing emails is they want you to click the link, it brings you to a site and they will ask questions to obtain your information.  

In this particular example they are making it appear that it is to upgrade (so you think it is something you already have). Do not click the link but hover over the link (in this image the link is the orange button that states, auto increase storage space), you will notice it has nothing to do with Northwoods Web Designs, it may appear something like this: >>
However, it may not be this clear, it may just be mistyped or misspelled so you have to check very closely.

If you are ever in question about an email that appears to have been sent by us, contact us (or whomever it states it is from, to verify) before clicking any links that the email contains.  

Website Launch: LLC

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Real Estate Website -

It was great working with Scott & Lynn in redesigning the site and incorporating the new Xposure RealtyServer Real Estate Listings solution used in the GNMLS.

The modern & responsive design brings their online presence into the new age to assure their real estate website is compatible with any device used.

The new design showcases their own featured listings and the ability to browse all GNMLS listings directly on their site, with all leads generated directed to them.

Make sure to bookmark the site at when you are in need of real estate services.

Northwoods Web Designs provides all the services needed to give new businesses the online presence they need with a website design that effectively showcases products or services they have to offer.

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Website Launch: Custom Steel Inc

Web Designs

It was great working with Jason at Custom Steel, Inc in redesigning the website.  They provide overhead crane systems and custom steel fabrication to businesses all over Wisconsin.

The site was designed with a focus on capturing their primary services, including Overhead Cranes, Structural Steel, and Custom Fabrication.

The new design provides them a superior online presence they deserved. Make sure to check out the site at

Northwoods Web Designs provides all the services needed to give new businesses the online presence they need with a website design that effectively showcases products or services they have to offer.

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