Website Expectations

If you are a business owner or an organization, you may already have a website. But does it perform for you in the way it should be, or effectively? The internet is the main source of immediate information for finding goods and services. Eighty percent of potential customers look online for services prior to picking up the phone.

Just like in everyday life, first impressions mean a lot. The same goes for your website. By investing in your website, you not only invest in your business but invest in a very cost-effective marketing strategy.  Five key Website Expectations are listed below that you should look for in web design and functionaliy and what you can expect to receive from Northwoods Web Designs.

Effective Marketing

The Internet is an extremely effective method of getting information about your products and services to thousands of people, with proven results. You can reach more potential customers and provide more information than traditional advertising and promotion methods allow. A professionally designed website will also have positive impact on your services and professionalism.


Important Feedback

By incorporating the use of interactive forms into your web site, you can dramatically increase the amount and quality of the feedback you get from customers. The Internet can give you access to information that will make your business efforts the most effective they can be.


Improved Customer Relations

Use your website to provide valuable information and tips related to your business to increase repeat visits to your site. At the same time they will be learning about your company and services that you offer.


Expanded Business

Marketing is usually not cheap. Brochures, catalogues, phone calls all add up. But the internet can accomplish this is a very cost-effective manner. Creating an impressive web presence will make your company stand out and known to the world.


Increased Information

A website can be a very effective way to get up-to-date information to your customers and employees, quickly and easily. Reduce paper use and repeated printings of brochures.