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Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ starting in July

There are changes coming to owners of sites that currently do not purchase SSL Certificates today.  For decades, using HTTP ...
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How to Extend the Google Analytic Reports Scheduled Emails

 After setting up and configuring Google Analytics on your website, it’s a good idea to set up scheduled emails to ...
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Website Launch: Rhinelander ABC

Congrats to the Rhinelander ABC for their recent website launch. It was great working with Brandon and folks on the ...
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Receive a Mail Delivery Failed Error When Sending Message to Hotmail or Outlook Mail Accounts

The other day I received a Mail Delivery Failed message from clients that were using Hotmail and email accounts ...
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Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

If you look around you will see nearly everybody with a smartphone such as a Android or iPhone. According to ...
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About the new premium TLD extension .ATTORNEY

There has been many new Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions recently made available to the public for use.   The ...
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 “Worst Ever” CPU bug affect virtually all computers appropriately name Meltdown and Spectre

If you're reading this on some device (yes even your little iPhone), you are most likely affected by this. Since ...
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WordPress Plugins Found Hiding a Backdoor – Is Your Site Secure?

This is an unfortunate example of why you need a good maintenance plan for your website, such as our Maintenance ...
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