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To receive a formal proposal for your website design (or redesign) project, please complete the following information (to the best of your ability).

What you say here will determine the appropriate web design solution needed and will save you time and money by helping identify your specific services needed.  Please fill in as much as possible. Message us if you prefer to schedule a 20-minute free phone consultation session to go over this information.

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    The Site

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    Please give a brief description or purpose of this website. Let us know what you're looking for in a website and what you expect your clients/visitors to get from it

    How many pages/sections will your website need?
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    Home / Welcome PageAbout PageServices PageContact Us PageFood Menu PageOther: List below

    What other specific requirements or functionality would you like in your website?
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    Shopping Cart (sell goods online)CalendarBlogPortfolioImage GallerySocial Media IntegrationVideo (YouTube/Vimeo Embed)Search FeatureNot Sure

    Content & SEO

    Do you have content (text for pages, services descriptions, images etc...) ready?

    How important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website? View our SEO page for more info.


    Would you like us to create a logofor your new website?

    What words would describe your ideal site.
    Select all that would apply
    ModernMinimalBoldCorporateFormalFunInnovativeBrightTrendyImage focusedFriendlyInformation HeavyColorfulLightDark

    Do you have a color scheme? If not, any preference?

    Please list two or more websites you found to be visual pleasing and what you may have liked about them.

    Site Hosting & Email Services

    We offer world class hosting, support and maintenance services* for all new websites.
    We also offer Full Business Class Email Accounts.

    Would you like us to include NWD hosting, Maintenance and Support services in the quote?
    Yes (most common)No, I am pretty technical and will use my own host and maintain updates, security patches and work through issues with my own hosting provider myself.

    Do you need Full Business Class Email accounts? ($2 each mailbox p/mo)

    Final Checks

    Do you have a specific time frame or expected completion date for this project?
    *Typical website development is 4-6 weeks after deposit is received.

    What is your budget, or not-to-exceed costs for this project? *

    Typical investment is between $3,000 to $20,000. Much depends on goals, expectations and functionality required of the project. Please provide your range of investment, this helps assure requirements and expectations can be met. We do respect your private budget if selected, but note we may provide a basic or verbal quote instead. We do offer discounts to non-profits.

    Any final comments to add to the project?

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    Thank you for taking the time to fill out our specially crafted web design worksheet!

    We passionately spend two to three hours reviewing this information and completing preliminary website discovery and analysis work to develop and provide you a professionally written proposal. This way, you know exactly how the proposed investment will benefit you and your organization.