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We partnered with GoCardless Financial Services to be able to provide a FREE option to pay through our online payment gateway using your checking or savings bank account. 

First, Why use eCheck vs sending a check? 

It's like paying with a check, but more secure, safer, and quicker (you can still write out your check, just keep it for your records).  Online payments are preferred for ease of use and security.  A paper check often causes delayed payments, can be lost, and must rely on USPS to deliver. The paper check is also not tracked and requires more work and handling to process for both NWD and you.  

You are not able to sign up for recurring subscription services with a check, but can do so with ACH Payment or Credit Card. This provides a super convenient method to assure your services never lapse. 

Follow the steps below to quickly pay using eCheck ( ACH Payment )

  1. Click the payment link in the invoice payment email you received
  2. Click the Setup Mandate for Payment button (Select eCheck (ACH Checking) for payment method if needed)
  3. You will be directed to our secure form to fill out your bank information
  4. After filling out the information, click "Set up ACH Debit Authorization" and confirm the information is correct.
  5. Banks generally take a couple of days to digitally "talk" to each other so you will see pending.
  6. But you will receive confirmations for setting up the ACH Debit and when payment clears
  7. That's it, save your $0.55 on a stamp and relax knowing your payment is all set. 
  8. We are happy to provide several online payment options for the convenience of our customers. 



What Is an eCheck (ACH payment)? 

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a U.S. financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers. ACH payments are a way to transfer money from one bank account to another without using paper checks or cash.

Is eCheck safe? 
eChecks Are Safer Than Paper Checks! They can not be stolen, duplicated, or cashed incorrectly. The only bank that can pull funds from your bank is the one you approve, which you will do with this process. Remember, your routing/account number is known to everyone you send a check to. With eCheck, this information stays secure with you.

Can I Use a Savings Account Instead of a Checking Account? 
Yes, when you set up your mandate (banking info) you can select which account to make the payment from, either checking or savings. This allows you to keep your money in the savings account making interest until the actual date of payment is needed.

If you have any questions while making a payment, send us an email at or call Toll Free: (844) NWD-1NWD.



  • Secure: Our online check payment solution utilizes industry-leading security measures, ensuring that your payments are safe and protected from any potential risks associated with mailing physical checks.
  • Cost-effective: By making payments online, you avoid the costs associated with purchasing checks, envelopes, and stamps, saving you money in the long run.
    Environmentally friendly: Opting for online check payments supports sustainability by reducing paper waste and carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Real-time payment tracking: With our online check payment solution, you have immediate access to your payment history and can easily monitor payment statuses, eliminating any uncertainty or delays associated with traditional mail.
  • Enhanced record-keeping: Online check payments provide digital records and receipts, allowing for easy organization, tracking, and referencing for financial purposes.
  • Accessibility: Northwoods Web Designs provides a user-friendly interface accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for customers no matter where

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