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A recurring payment subscription will automatically be set up if the following is be true when payment is made online. 

  • You received an invoice from NWD for recurring service(s) 
  • You have not paid the invoice yet
  • The invoice is not past due
  • You pay using either the Credit/Debit card or ACH Payment methods

Follow the steps below to set up an automatic payment subscription. 

  1. View your invoice for recurring services from Northwoods Web Designs online
    1. All invoices emailed include a link to view and pay online
    2. Example
  2. Click on the payment link and sign in with your Northwoods Web Designs sign-in info
    1. Use the forgot password link to receive your password if first time signing in
    2. You will now see your online invoice
  3. Select your payment method of choice
    1.  PayPal Checkout ( checkout via PayPal)
    2. PayPal CREDIT (set up a payment plan with PayPal)
    3. Debit or Credit Card (Pay with Credit Card)
  4. Now complete the payment process accordingly.
    1. You will receive confirmation emails for your payment and your subscription signup
  5. This completes setting up an automatic payment subscription for Northwoods Web Designs

You can cancel this subscription at any time. 

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