How to View and Manage Email Usage/Quota for Individual Email Accounts

If you have a web design/hosting plan with Northwoods Web Designs that includes email accounts, the plan administrator can manage those email accounts, including the current storage soft limit quota usage (emails stored on NWD Mail Server) anytime by logging into the the NWD Client/Billing Area [?].


Generally, there are soft limits set for each individual email account so that not any one email account can use up all your hosting disk space.  You can view current usage, change the soft limit quota for each account;or even suspend the individual email by following the steps below.


 Steps to login to your Client Area and view email account usage

  1. Login to the client area:
  2. Under “Your Active Products/Service”, select your service.
  3. You will now be on the Product Details page.
  4. Under Quick Shortcuts, select "Email Accounts".
  5. All email accounts associated with your Hosting plan will be displayed here. You can change the password or update the soft limit quota, delete the mail account etc... 
Many accounts come with managed hosting services, so you can simply submit a ticket and we will be happy to obtain information or setup/delete an email account on your behalf.
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