Website Design in Rhinelander, WI

"Expert Web Design & Development"
A company's website is one of its most visible and valuable ways of communicating with current and potential customers.

Northwoods Web Designs knows you don't just want a beautifully designed website, but one that actually works for you in turning potential customers into actual customers. Northwoods Web Designs takes pride in providing this for you.

Our custom developed sites are crafted using the latest technologies and SEO standards to assure your business will be found on the web attracting new customers providing an excellent ROI.

Save your money. Technology has advanced so much in web design, that there is no need to hire out large web companies that miss the mark on your expectations but can guarantee to leave you with a smaller wallet.

Our process for designing custom websites and accounting for each customer's unique needs is so thorough; we are able to offer affordable pay monthly website design plans with the price stated up front and ready for purchase. Easy to budget for with no unexpected expenses.


Information Gathering: defining the purpose of the website
The most important part of the process, understanding the company and how the website will benefit it. This is where we gather as much information as possible and even complete our own research in the industry. We take into consideration the purpose, goals, target audience and other information in order to design the layout/content of the site.

Planning: organizing layout and site navigation begins
This is the step where we take all of the information that we collected about your company and use it to develop a site map for the site. We'll organize all of the information into appropriate groups or categories and then design the site in a way that is easy to navigate.

Design: time to work on the look and feel, style of your website
Now that we have the information we need, we can design the layout. We'll use our design expertise to create a great looking, creative, and unique layout that is geared toward your target audience. You will be given mock-ups or samples in order to make sure our progress meets your approval.

Development: executing the build of the site
Once the design is complete and approved by you, then we'll continue on and develop the entire site. This is where we take the layout and turn it into a fully functional website. We will even publish the site on a private "staging area" on Northwoods Web Designs hosting where you can review, comment and approve the production through its final stages.

Test and Delivery: preparing for final touches and launch of site
At this point the design and development of the website will be complete, and the process of testing all of the site components will be tested to ensure that they are working properly. Upon successful completion of all testing and client sign off, the website will be launched for the public to see.

Maintenance and Promoting: assuring continued success over time
Your site is now up and running, but the work is far from over. In order for a website to be successful you have to get people to see it. Many different things can be done to increase traffic and promote your site. We will provide some guidance to help do this. There will most likely be adjustments that need to be made from time to time in order to keep your site up to date and functioning properly.
If your site has been developed with a content management system (CMS) you can login to your website and make updates and changes to it. For those that host their website with Northwoods Web Designs we even provide security updates and patches to your websites CMS and maintain backups so you can rest easy knowing your website is taken care of on the back end and operates smoothly for the long term.

  • +Meet Your Web Developer

    Meet Your Web DeveloperFrom start to finish, I'll create and develop your website though the entire process.
    Owner / Web Developer

  • +Your Website Need a Redesign?

    Beat the competition with a fresh, new redesign. A website redesign is a guaranteed way to increase the success of your business or organization. All developed redesigns are search engine friendly and compliant with current web standards.

  • +Mobile Website Design

    Customers are continuously on the go, and allowing them access to your information from anywhere, at any time is important. A new mobile site can be created with these features.

    Responsive design automatically adjusts for optimum viewing and navigation on mobile phone
    Allows customer to call directly by clicking on your phone number
    Allows customers to obtain quick access to directions
    Easier to navigate then a traditional website

  • +All Our Clients are V.I.P.

    All designs include a review and approval process that assures we meet your expectations and final product works as expected. You don't get handed off to multiple people (sales, designer, developer, support, other). This reduces overhead costs substantially and gives you a single point of person for contact throughout the entire process.