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Create a Gmail filter 

In a few steps, you can set up a Gmail filter to stop Gmail from sending your website notifications to the Spam folder. 

  1. Access your Gmail as normal (
  2. Click the cog wheel in the top right, then select settings.
  3. Select "Filters and blocked addresses", then scroll to the bottom and select "create a new filter"
  4. Then copy and paste this text below in the SUBJECT section and click Create filter
    • New Website Inquiry    *Note, the subject of your website notification may differ slightly, please adjust accordingly
    • Tick "Never send it to spam" and click "Create filter"
  5. Tick "Never send it to spam" and click "Create filter"
You can also set a couple of other options to have it stand out among other "general emails", such as always mark it as important and Star it, etc.. 
Refer to the screenshot below.


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