How to Open an Email using Roundcube (Webmail)

This tutorial assumes you've already logged into RoundCube Webmail.

Now let's learn how to open an email message so we can read it, and perhaps respond to or forward it. 

When you first login to RoundCube, you'll see that the inbox is highlighted, which means the messages shown here are in the inbox. 
webmail inbox

1) To open a message, simply click on it here. The message will then display. 

webmail inbox

2) You can move between messages by using the arrows on the upper right area of the screen, or by clicking on the inbox folder and selecting a different message. 

webmail inbox

3) To view messages in any of the other folders, select any other folder on the left. 

webmail inbox

Now you should be able to open any emails from any of the folders within your RoundCube (Webmail Viewer).

Download and save our Webmail Quick Start Guide Here that shows you how to access and manage your email from anwhere through the easy to use online interface.   

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