Default Email Sending Limits/Quotas

Northwoods Web Designs limits the amount of outgoing mail from its servers in an effort to fight Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) also known as SPAM and stay within Internet Email Usage Guidelines. This helps to prevent Northwoods Web Designs servers from being black/gray listed and added to blocklists, which in turns prevents email from being delivered on time. In return, your email service is more reliable and stable.

When you exceed this outgoing quota limit (100 p/hr), you will get a rejection notice that says the email failed to send due to "Policy Rejection- Quota Exceeded." This means that you have exceeded or attempted to exceed your mail sending limit for that particular account.

!Important: The limits above are based on the number of RECIPIENTS, not the number of messages. For example, a single email message with 5 recipients would count as 5 towards your sending limit. All recipients in the TO, CC, and BCC fields are counted
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