Mailbox Size Warning Notification

About The Mailbox Size Warning Notification

On NWD LLC Mail system, each mailbox account has a preset quota soft limit configured, which is generally much lower than the total hosting account allocated with the plan.  This prevents any one individual mailbox from using all the hosting accounts allocated hosting space.

  • Note, the plan administrator can manage the soft limit for each individual account, not to exceed the total hosting account storage, learn how. 

All individual mail accounts (emails/attachments), website files, images, documents make up the total hosting disk space used. You may either receive a mailbox or disk warning depending on how your hosting account is utilized. 

Email notifications are sent out by the mail system when a domain mail account has used a percentage of its quota.

Here is how it works: 

  • If a domain has used between 80% and 90% of their allocated quota, the admins and mailbox users of the domain receive a notification via email.
  • If a domain has used between 90% and 100% of their allocated quota, the admins and mailbox users of the domain receive a critical warning via email.
  • Once the mailbox hits or exceeds the soft limit defined, they will not be able to receive any future email until they get back under the defined quota (or increase it). 

!!Important information and tips about mail account usage!!

  • Email utilization is a communication tool to send/receive email/attachments, and should not be used to retain/store important documents/attachments, short term or long term.  There is no guarantee they will be recoverable in the event a malfunction occurs with the mail servers or your hosting account.
  • Important email communications/attachments should always be removed/transferred to your preferred business storage space ( local share /hard drive / Cloud Backup Storage) and backed up after receiving them to assure safekeeping.
  • Email accounts purchased with your Business Hosting Plan can easily retain 1000's of emails, but if they include large or several attachments, 50 emails could fill up the quota quickly. 

NWD LLC, provides managed hosting services, so if you need additional assistance on any aspect of your email services, you can simply submit a ticket and we will be happy to obtain information or setup/modify an email account on your behalf.

See our helpful blog post on tips about Managing your Email Quota

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