“Worst Ever” CPU bug affect virtually all computers appropriately name Meltdown and Spectre


If you’re reading this on some device (yes even your little iPhone), you are most likely affected by this.

Since your probably in a hurry, will get to the point at hand.

Everything from smartphones and PCs to cloud computing affected by major security flaw found in Intel and other processors – and fix could slow devices

What do you need to do?

  1. Make sure your devices (Windows, Macs, Androids, Iphones) are patched with the latest updates.
  2. Make sure to apply the firmwares update as required for the chipset (Intel, AMD etc..) being used in your device(s).


More than likely, you have several devices you own affected by this ordeal. So it’s best to go direct to the manufacture website of the device in hand to obtain more detailed info to assure you have the patches and firmware updates needed.

Resource Links:

  • More info for Windows consumers: LINK
  • More info for Apple consumers: LINK
  • More info for Android consumers: LINK
  • Intel’s official response to this bug found in their product: LINK

Source: Meltdown and Spectre: ‘worst ever’ CPU bugs affect virtually all computers | Technology | The Guardian