Official Social Media Platform Checklist for SEO ROI

Website Tips

After launching a new website you thought your were done right? Unfortunately this is not the year 2000 and the internet and competition has evolved. Last check, there was over 600 million websites competing to be in top searches.

Think of a website as a pretty nice house to look at and use. But its currently missing a driveway, some nice trees, landscaping and maybe garage and of course maintenance like painting or staining the deck. Are those all necessary, well not really, but without them its not as useful or nice of a house to look at and utilize.

With that analogy, we need to bring up the landscaping and maintenance to keep the house humming nicely along. The following list of items should be ongoing tasks to make sure your website has more curb appeal to the major search engines so they continually rank you higher then others, with less curb appeal.

Good thing is, most of these items are free. It only takes a little elbow grease to get a good ROI in your Search Engine Optimization investment.

  • Update your blog (you have a blog right?) on your website at least monthly. Recommended is weekly.
  • Review / Update your website pages at least quarterly to keep them fresh, (i.e. new staff member? updated services? change of wording to keep it fresh)
    • TIP. There are content writers that specialize in crafting awesome content. Sometimes if your not sure what to write, using there services could be of great value.
  • Update your Social Media Platforms at least monthly. Although weekly is recommended
    • Facebook: Provide short excerpt of a blog and link back to your blog post
    • Twitter: Provide even shorter excerpt and link back to your blog (or other page on your website)
    • YouTube: If you have products or services, take a video and post it to your YouTube channel, then of course share the link on your other platforms
    • LinkedIn: This is the professional social media platform, great use when looking for employees and to promote your business
    • Instagram & Pinterest: Use one or both, but simply put, submit some nice pictures of your products or services offered with a short description 20 words or less.
  • Update online business directories to assure they are using your correct phone number, company hours, address and of course website URL is listed. These are more of the popular ones. You may have to register, but for each one you update, it gives you a free link back to your website. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Obtain inbound links from other websites that are credible. If you work with a vendor or 3rd party where your services end up benefiting them or mutually beneficial, ask if they would like to link to your website or even a blog post from there site.

As you can see, optimizing your website isn’t easy or quick, or a one time thing. But doing these will put your website in the forefront of all others who decided to skip over these tips.

Are there any tips or items that I am missing? Would love to build upon this one for all the small business and non-profits out there that could really use some help in this arena.


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Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

Website Tips


If you look around you will see nearly everybody with a smartphone such as a Android or iPhone. According to recent study by Pew Research Center report nearly two-thirds of Americans now one which they use to access the Internet on a regularly basis for viewing websites.

In order to provide an optimum experience for all these folks, websites need to be mobile friendly to ensure that the website is optimized for smartphone display.

There are a number of advantages, besides not losing out on business, when you have an mobile friendly optimized site that should help convince you of the need.

Faster Download Speed

Mobile websites are designed (coded) specifically for mobile standards and optimal download speed, which means less waiting and more browsing your services or products.

Improved User Experience

Nobody wants to browser a desktop website on their mobile phone. In fact Google will rank your website lower in search results if it is not mobile friendly. According to  mobile website usability , it proves mobile-optimized websites improve user experience and satisfaction which is important as we all know how important first impressions are.

Better Engagement

A mobile website is geared to show optimum call to actions such as click-to-call to improve user engagement.

Improved Search/SEO performance

A mobile website provides improved rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Bing, and also allows placement in a growing number of mobile and local directories just for being mobile-friendly.


A mobile website can be accessed from anywhere. No longer is your website limited to laptops or desktops. This provides the ability for your website to be accessed by more people more often.

Competitive Advantage

If you website doesn’t look good on a mobile display users will typically opt out quickly and move on to one that does. Get the competitive edge by making sure your website is mobile friendly.

More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than App Development

There is no need to have a custom app build for Android, iPhone or other mobile phone platforms to showcase your services and products. A well mobile friendly optimized site is all you need and will provide the usability needed for a small display. Showing only key items so the user can take action on them quickly.

Really Don’t Have a Choice Anymore

**Updated** Now more then 52% of website traffic is accessed via a mobile phone

From the latest statistics, more then 50% of website traffic is accessed via a mobile phone.  So unless you don’t care about the 50% of the population accessing your website effectively, its not really an option like it was years ago.  The world changes, and this is a big one when it comes to online website development. Northwoods Web Designs builds all new websites with Responsive Web Design in mind.

Thinking About Developing a Mobile Website?

If you’d like to learn more about developing a mobile-friendly website for your organization, simply let us know by contacting us for a free consult. We’ll be happy to learn more about your needs and offer recommendations.

As you can see, optimizing your website to assure its mobile friendly not only has a ton of advantages, but its no longer a choice to not do it.


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Creating a Social Media Voice

Website Tips

Social Media Voice - One Voice - Many OutletsYou’re website is up and running promoting your business 24/7 so you’re done right? Before the social media age (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc…) and before there were a trillion websites added to the internet that was possible.

Besides making updates to the website to keep it fresh with new and relevant data, another key component is to make sure you have social media tied into it in some form or fashion.

Continue reading “Creating a Social Media Voice” »

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The Importance of Integrating Social Media and Small Business

Computer Tips, Web Wise

Over two-thirds of online adults use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Social media is not just for kids anymore.

It is part of everyone’s daily lives. Not only is it extremely important to create a company presence on these social platforms, especially Facebook, but integrating social media tools into your website is a must.

Social Sharing Icon Examples Facebook Email Google+ Twitter

Enabling “Social Sharing” has a huge benefit. This enables users to share content on your website with their own friends, colleagues and family members on various social networks.

As this is shared across social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+, referral traffic grows.  As referral traffic grows so does your website ranking in search engine results. Continue reading “The Importance of Integrating Social Media and Small Business” »

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