Channel Master CM-7000PAL Digital Video Recorder – Dump your satellite and cable providers and save over $500 a year in monthly fees.

DVRHow many times have you purchased a pricey tech gadget and it actually made money for you?  Probably not many have.  This product will give you a return on investment within eight months or sooner if your monthly satellite bill or cable TV bill is $50 or more a month. Most probably pay much more and considering cable bills will reach $200 a month ( article2/ 0,2817,2402813,00.asp) by 2020, it is probably time to change how you watch TV now.   That extra cash you were paying monthly to the greedy satellite and cable providers can now be pocketed in your wallet.

So you say can’t live without your TV program guide, instant play back or recording capabilities? Well this can do it all.  This tech gadget Channel Master DVR (use to be Pal DVR) works in conjunction with an Over-The-Air antenna.  I use one and currently receive over a dozen channels, which include local channels in High Definition.

What is Over-The-Air ( broadcasting?    Basically the antenna on the roof is making a comeback, that antenna receives the FREE TV broadcasts over the air which gets directed to your Channel Master recorder. Program Guides are downloaded over the air as well, so you can see what’s playing a head of time and record the channels you want to watch later, but without the monthly fees. The remote for the Channel Master is actually the same as the Dish Network remotes and include all the functions and capabilities for no monthly fees.

What about your sports channels and games?  You will now have a bunch of extra cash every month due to the savings so you can now go enjoy them with your friends at their places or local area business who can use your money more than the satellite or cable providers need it.