GoodSync: The Ultimate Free Backup and Synchronization Software?

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goodsync-logoSo you want to sync your local files to your Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive account for free? Well then GoodSync is worth looking into and you can download the FREE version here.

After reviewing it and using the free version myself, I ended up buying the pro version as it has so many more options and is one of the better backup and synchronization programs out there I have explored.

One of the outstanding features that I use myself that others do not offer is the ability it has to sync to the cloud.

I am able to sync my local files to the cloud such as Amazon Cloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive.  I use two out the three cloud services I listed, but actually prefer my Google Drive due to the FREE 15GB of storage and it just makes sense as I already use Google App for Business as my business Mail Provider for free. You can find out more about Google Drive here.

The syncing is fast as they now use
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Top 5 Tips on How to Receive Your First $100 Dollar Check from Google

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As this photo of my actual check proves, receiving free money from Google is very possible. This is actually my second check received from Google in less than two years. Is this a lot of money for two years?

It is not, but at the same time I have done little to nothing on the couple websites that are allowing Google services to run on them. Very basic content has been written and published, but the revenue from Google is paying for several hosting and domain renewal fees on sites I run.

This allows me to keep those websites running for free and as time permits I add new content or refresh the current content which will draw improve SEO and draw in more traffic, ultimately increasing the number of checks received per year from Google.

Content (text, images) is probably one of the most overlooked improvements one can make to a website. Its a service Northwoods Web Designs can offer, find more details on Web Content Writing Services here.

You’re probably asking yourself, how do you get a check from Google Inc? The answer lies within their Google AdSense program. Google’s AdSense displays ads relevant to your Website to visitors. Google cuts a check when you reach $100 in earnings.
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Free Security Tools Every PC Should Have Installed

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Keep your computer secure with free security software tools
Every PC should have the following 4 free security tools installed. This combination provides the ultimate security and the best part of it is it won’t cost you a dime. You may ask why you need four tools instead of just one. Well, there are many different security threats that can present harm to your PC and your personal data and each software vendor focuses on specific areas which they are good at. The following security tools are listed below.

1) AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

You may be using this already considering AVG is one of the most popular and free anti-virus software. It can protect your PC from both viruses and spyware. It’s a great Anti-Virus but it is even better when used with #2 and #3 listed below.
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